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Un dolce natale & un 2023 delizioso!

Living in Milan, this year our family Xmas card had to be about him:

Il panettone!

It might sound funny, but there is nothing more important on natale than panettone here in Italy. The panettone is tradition, identity and a huge sign of love. Beautifully wrapped in gold, silver or other prestigious paper, the panettone is normally given as a gift and eagerly awaited by everyone. You could also call it a "panettone exchange" - you usually end up with a as much panettone as you have gifted.

The not too sweet, soft and aromatized bread, originally from Milan has really nothing to do with a "fruit cake".

A great, artisanal panettone is truly heaven. If you’re turning your nose up because you think it’s just a dry, boxed cake, you have never had a proper panettone but hey, don't worry, next Xmas is coming up soon...

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